Bio Matcha Tea HARMONY 4PACK
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4x Bio Matcha tea Harmony with 1x Matcha glass bottle FOR FREE

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Unique packaging and high quality of our BIO Matcha Tea Harmony makes this product the most favourite. 30 bags of 2g of Matcha tea bio.

Product Description:

  •     For the preparation of cold and hot drinks
  •     Thanks to the packing per 2 grams, the tea is always fresh and easy to prepare
  •     Country of origin: Japan
  •     Package Contents: 30 bags of 2 g
  •     Recommended daily amount: 4 g
  •     Shelf life: 2 years

Please note: children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women max 2 g per day


Mix the tea with water (+- 2 dl according to taste) and shake well. You can give the tea an additional  taste by adding a few drops of lime or some fruit syrup. A combination of Matcha tea with water and elder blossom syrup also gives a delicious taste. Matcha tea should always be well-stirred. Use the shaker or a plastic bottle to prepare a cold drink.

Mix the tea (2 g bag) with +-2 dl (accroding to taste) hot water at a temperature of about 65 ° C and shake well. With the addition of honey and lime you will have a delicious taste.

Our tip:
In our assortment you will also find the
Matcha tea shaker/bottle, which simplifies the preparation of hot drinks. Put 1 serving of Matcha tea into the shaker, add 2 dl of cold or hot water and shake well. Before opening, the steam must be released through the lid. Add a few drops of lime or a teaspoon of honey for an even better taste.
Matcha tea preparation

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