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Groothandel (wholesale)

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• Wholesale prices for businesses with reasonable space for profit

• We cooperate with the biggest suppliers of matcha in the world.
• 100% quality of matcha.
• BIO certification.
• Regular testing for E. coli, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, yeasts and fungus.
• Nine different quality certificates.
• Complying with the most strict limitations for food distribution in the European Union.
• Proved Japanese origin.
• Unique packaging (easy-to-use 2 g sachet).

ABOUT MATCHA TEA (Czech Republic)

Čajová květina s.r.o. (Tea Flower Ltd.) is a leading supplier of Matcha Tea to gastronomic facilities, shops and wellness & fitness centres.
We purchase Matcha Tea directly from the manufacturer and the tea is grown 
in the Aichi prefecture, Japan. We choose products representing a modern, healthy lifestyle, focusing on popularizing lesser known products and/or innovative processing or offering of traditional products.

We are constantly expanding our range of products and we are trying to
maintain the high quality of our products. Customer relationship is the most important of the sales process for us, therefore we put great emphasis on a professional training provided for free. 
We regularly participate in exhibitions, provide tea tasting on premises, and seminars on healthy nutrition. From spring to autumn, we tour with our mobile Matcha Tea bar around various concerts and festivals, where we introduce different ways of preparing Matcha Tea to visitors. Our mission is to make you familiar with this unique tea and provide maximum information about it. Keep in mind that Matcha Tea is not a self-explaining product. Matcha Tea is a beverage that needs initial training and needs further public education.
The traders who are aware of this are very successful and satisfied with selling Matcha Tea. 


Waarom Matcha thee?

I use matcha for 2 months allready and feel much more energised and my colonproblems are much better. It feels like it really cleans your body inside, I feel so much better by using the tea. Thanks for telling me, I recommended to friends too.
-Brigitte H.

I used to drink over 7 cups of coffee a day to keep me 'going' at work. Almost every hour and my cups got bigger by the year. Ramadan 2012 was a true struggle for me, i had immense headaches and couldn't function the first few days because of the lack of coffee. I started drinking less coffee and more tea after that Ramadan. In 2013 my sister went to Japan for the first time en knowing me being to be a tealover, she brought me my first matchatea back as a present. And i was hooked ever since!! I replaced the coffee with tea and felt much better.. no more headaches. I started my day with a Matcha latte and i noticed that i had full energie for over more than 4 hours, unlike with coffee that only works for a maximum of one hour. I drink matcha daily, there are so many different ways of making it, so it doesn't become a bore Keep up the good work!!
-Chouki D.

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Original Matcha is de grootste importeur van Matcha thee in Midden en Oost-Europa en een toonaangevende leverancier van Matcha Tea naar gastronomische faciliteiten, winkels, wellness- en fitnesscentra. We kopen Matcha Thee direct van de fabrikant en de thee wordt gegroeid in de Aichi prefectuur, Japan. Wij kiezen voor producten die een moderne, gezonde levensstijl vertegenwoordigen.


• Wij werken samen met de grootste leveranciers van Matcha in de wereld.
• 100% kwaliteit van matcha.
• BIO certificering.
• Regelmatig getest op E. coli, pesticiden, zware metalen, bacteriën, gisten en schimmels.
• Negen verschillende kwaliteitscertificaten.
• Voldoet aan de strengste regelgeving voor voedselverdeling in de Europese Unie.
• Gecontroleerd van Japanse oorsprong - 100% poedervormige groene thee
• Unieke verpakking (makkelijk te gebruiken 2 g zakje)


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